Texas Farm Bureau Endorses Rep. Landgraf

Texas Oil & Gas Association Endorses Rep. Landgraf

Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas Endorses Rep. Landgraf

Life PAC Endorses Rep. Landgraf

National Rifle Association Endorses Rep. Landgraf

Texas State Rifle Association Endorses Rep. Landgraf

Texans for Lawsuit Reform Endorses Rep. Landgraf

Texas Alliance for Life Endorses Rep. Landgraf

Landgraf Files for Re-Election as State Representative

AUSTIN --- State Representative Brooks Landgraf officially filed for re-election on Saturday, the first day possible to file the necessary paperwork.

“With encouragement from the constituents we serve and after prayerful reflection, Shelby and I decided that I will seek re-election to continue to be your state representative,” Representative Landgraf said. “I’m humbled to have the privilege to serve my hometown and I stand asking for the honor to continue to serve you.”

Landgraf had a very successful first legislative session, which produced an unprecedented $4 billion tax relief package, increased border security, protected the unborn and expanded Second Amendment rights. Governor Greg Abbott called Landgraf’s hard work part of “the most conservative legislative session that we’ve ever seen” in Texas. 

“I was born in Odessa, my wife and I raise our family here, and I will never stop fighting for West Texas and our conservative principles,” Representative Landgraf said.

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Propositions 1, 6 and 7

I urge voters to support all seven of the constitutional amendments on the November ballot, but I want to highlight Propositions 1, 6 and 7, which I think are the most important for the future of Texas.

Proposition 1 will provide property-tax relief for homeowners here in the Permian Basin and across Texas by increasing the homestead exemption on your primary residence from $15,000 to $25,000. More needs to be done to prevent property taxes from continually rising, and this $10,000 exemption increase will help with that goal. Further, this proposition prevents the state from authorizing a new tax on the sale or transfer of real property.

Proposition 6 would establish, for the first time, that the right to hunt and fish is guaranteed under the Texas Constitution. More out-of-state activist groups are attempting to curtail our hunting heritage in Texas, but Prop 6 will help thwart their efforts. I’m a life-long hunter who supports conservation of our precious state resources, and support protecting our rights so that they can be enjoyed by future generations of Texans.

Proposition 7 is incredibly important for us here in the Permian Basin. After visiting with so many of you, I have an even greater understanding of how important the safety and quality of our roads has become. This is a critical time to re-invest in our transportation infrastructure, and Prop 7 will allow us to do so without raising taxes, fees or imposing tolls. Prop 7 would constitutionally dedicate an additional $2.5 billion of the state’s general revenue to be put into our highways, in each budget. I’m fighting to keep our fair share of that here in West Texas, and doing so will make our West Texas highways safer and more dependable.

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