As state representative, I proudly co-authored legislation that has cut taxes for Texans by $3.9 billion! Our state doesn't have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem. I will continue to work to cut taxes and spend your money wisely and efficiently. I will oppose any measure or measures that increases the overall state-tax burden. 


I'm unapologetically pro-life. My pro-life stance is molded by my Christian faith and my belief that life is a gift from God. Accordingly, I support life from conception through natural death. As state representative, I authored the pro-life Down Syndrome Information Act, which will save the lives of hundreds of unborn children in Texas every year. My legislative efforts have earned a perfect score from Texas Right to Life and the endorsement of several pro-life groups. 

Gun Rights:

I proudly defend the Second Amendment. I'm a lifelong gun owner and hunter. Second Amendment rights, in my view, are absolutely necessary if we are to endure as a free people. As state representative, I helped make the Second Amendment stronger than it has ever been in Texas. I co-authored the open-carry bill that Gov. Abbott signed into law in 2015. My legislative efforts have allowed me to earn the endorsements of the NRA and the Texas State Rifle Association. 

Immigration and Border Security:

The Obama administration has failed to secure the border and enforce its immigration laws. Where Washington fails, Texas leads. As state representative, I supported a successful effort to add DPS troopers to the Rio Grande region with appropriate resources to better secure our border. In the upcoming legislative session, I will lead the effort to outlaw sanctuary cities in Texas and enable the immediate deportation of criminal illegal aliens.  


Public schools are a vital part of our infrastructure in Texas. As state representative, I have worked diligently to make schools places where teachers want to teach and students want to learn. I voted uphold the state's promise to retired teachers. In the next session I will work to eliminate big-government style standardized testing and I will refile a bill to repeal the inequitable  Robin Hood funding scheme that is harmful to West Texas. 

Oil and Gas:

Born and raised here in the Permian Basin, I understand the importance of the oil and gas business and its impact on Texas and beyond. As state representative, I serve on the Energy Resources Committee and co-authored a bill that repealed burdensome anti-fracking regulations in our state. In the next session, I will continue my efforts to keep energy markets open and unimpeded for oil and gas producers. 


As state representative, I voted for a budget that spends less than the previous state budget, when accounting for population growth and inflation. I'm committed to ensuring that Texas never spends more than it takes in, unlike the federal government. 

Federal Overreach:

In light of the Obama administration's constant overreach, despite clear constitutional limitations, the role of the Texas state government is to assert its rights on behalf of Texans. I'm proud to lead in that fight.


Our oil and gas business and the Texas economy are in danger of regressing as our highway infrastructure continues to deteriorate. Texas highways were once the envy of the nation, and we have the resources to rise to the top again. I support cutting wasteful spending in state government and reinvest it in a leaner, smarter and more equitable TxDOT. Importantly, I will fight to ensure that West Texas receives a fair return on its investment in the state highway system. Our roads have become too dilapidated and dangerous to not continue our fight for better highways. I don't want to have to lose even more lives on West Texas roads before bureaucrats in Austin understand the serious deadly nature of our highway problem.


As a rancher, I understand better than most the importance that water plays in our economy. Some folks say that desalination is the answer.  I think it’s a good start, but it’s not a silver bullet.  We have to take an imaginative and comprehensive approach to address our water problems.  In addition to desal, we need to expand the mining of brackish water and remove legal barriers that the state has placed on private investment in water supply projects.  Most important to us in West Texas, we need to give more local control to water development projects.

Private Property Rights:

As a rancher I am uniquely aware of the threats to private property rights in Texas.  A rancher like me will be on the front line in the battle to protect landowners’ rights in Texas. I will also oppose any effort to expand eminent domain in a way that doesn't fulfill a constitutional purpose. 


As a fourth-generation West Texas rancher, and a cattleman, I value the role that agriculture plays in our Texas economy. I support free markets for our farmers and ranchers and favor the existing tax structure so that farmers and ranchers aren't overburdened by taxes and regulations.  I'm also proud to be the only candidate endorsed by the Texas Farm Bureau. 

Tenth Amendment:

As state representative, I will support Texas lawfully asserting its Tenth Amendment rights in appropriate circumstances.