Landgraf Joins Virtual Meeting of the Andrews County Commissioners Court

ANDREWS — State Representative Brooks Landgraf (R-Odessa) attended the virtual Andrews County Commissioners Court meeting on Tuesday to discuss the local and statewide response to COVID-19, transportation projects in the county, and answer questions from the commissioners.

"Andrews County has a lot on its plate," Landgraf said. "Judge Falcon and the other commissioners are doing what needs to be done to keep the people of Andrews safe and healthy, while balancing the economic considerations in the county. It’s a balancing act, but they’re doing it."

Landgraf, who represents Andrews County in the Texas House of Representatives, met with the commissioners court to offer any assistance the county may need from the state.

"It is always a priority for me to meet regularly with local officials, but it is even more important right now," Landgraf continued. "I will take what I learned in this meeting to Governor Abbott and my colleagues in the legislature to make sure Andrews County gets the state resources it needs."

Landgraf Provides Constituents Online Resource for COVID-19 Information 

ODESSA — State Representative Brooks Landgraf (R-Odessa) launched a webpage to provide information and resources related to the novel COVID-19 virus to keep his constituents informed and safe. The webpage can be accessed through this URL:

“I wanted to provide a way for my constituents to be able to access verified information from trusted sources in real time,” Landgraf explained. “This page accomplishes that goal, and I hope it helps folks get the information and services they need quicker.”

The webpage provides ways to access various state and local government agency websites, the Texas Students MealFinder Map -- which will allow Texas parents to locate education facilities serving meals in local communities -- and information on how to volunteer or help the state identify sources of additional medical supplies. The webpage also provides access to the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) COVID-19 dashboard, containing real time data and mapping out the outbreak across the state of Texas.

“West Texans can accomplish anything they set their minds to,” Landgraf continued. “Just give us the facts and we can come up with a roadmap to solve any problem. We will get through this together by being prepared and informed.”

Landgraf Discusses Education Reform with Andrews ISD Board

ANDREWS — State Representative Brooks Landgraf (R-Odessa) attended the Andrews Independent School District Board meeting on Monday to discuss the state of public education in Texas.

"I've always appreciated the Andrews ISD board members' perspective and support," Landgraf said. "We had a great discussion about actions taken by the legislature in 2019 to reform education and reduce Robin Hood recapture payments for school districts across the state."

Landgraf, who represents Andrews County in the Texas House of Representatives, met with the school board to offer any assistance the district may need from the state.

"Our collaboration has been a fruitful one," Landgraf continued. "Dr. Azam and I worked on an amendment to the education code in 2019 to provide school districts subject to recapture flexibility as to when payments are made and the ability to earn interest on recapture payments; AISD already has great plans for how they will leverage this creative funding stream."

Landgraf is attending this and other local government meetings across the Permian Basin to prepare for the next session of the Texas Legislature, which convenes at the Texas Capitol in January 2021.

Landgraf Discusses Transportation with Ward County Commissioners Court

MONAHANS — State Representative Brooks Landgraf (R-Odessa) attended the Ward County Commissioners Court meeting on Monday to discuss transportation issues ahead of the upcoming session of the Texas Legislature.

“I appreciate Judge Holly and the commissioners for allowing me to join them for the meeting,” Landgraf said. “We discussed transportation improvements throughout Ward County and other issues having a big impact on our residents.”

Landgraf, who represents Ward County in the Texas House of Representatives, is attending this and other local government meetings across the Permian Basin to prepare for the next session of the Texas Legislature, which convenes at the Texas Capitol in January 2021.

Rep. Landgraf speaking at the Ward County Commissioners Court meeting.

Landgraf Calls on TRS to Find Tax-Payer Friendly Office Space

ODESSA — State Representative Brooks Landgraf (R-Odessa) sent a letter to the executive director of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) on Tuesday asking the agency to reconsider its decision to sign on to a decade-long lease for office space in downtown Austin that will cost TRS $326,000 per month in rent payments.

"For the better part of the last decade, teachers and legislators have been told that the Teacher Retirement System of Texas was on the brink of financial insolvency," Landgraf writes in the letter. "The 10-year lease agreement for the office space in downtown Austin for TRS' Investment Management Division staff does not support such a claim."

TRS agreed to terms to lease three floors of Indeed Tower, which is still under construction on 6th Street in the heart of downtown Austin. The 100,000 square foot space would serve as the new location for its 180-person investment management division.

"I am confident TRS can find suitable office space that does not call into question the agency's commitment to being an effective steward of state resources," Landgraf's letter continued. "If alternative space cannot be found in the Austin area, I would be happy to help the agency find extremely affordable office space out here in the Permian Basin."

Landgraf and Mass Violence Committee Meet in El Paso

EL PASO — State Representative Brooks Landgraf (R-Odessa) joined other legislators at a field hearing of the House Select Committee on Mass Violence Prevention and Community Safety on Thursday in El Paso. This is the third field hearing conducted by the committee in a city that has recently experienced a mass shooting.

"I hope this hearing helped the people of El Paso take another step towards healing even though nothing can ever replace the lives lost on that fateful day in August," Landgraf said. "I'm deeply saddened that our communities will forever be linked because of two acts of mass violence that took place less than 30 days apart, but I have renewed hope in my fellow Texans after witnessing the resolve of those who testified at Thursday's hearing."

The House Select Committees on Mass Violence Prevention and Community Safety was created following the deadly shootings in El Paso and Odessa in August of 2019. The purpose of the committee is to receive testimony and make proposals to the Texas Legislature to help reduce the occurrence and impact of mass violence. “My goal for this committee is to propose methods for reducing mass violence in Texas while preserving constitutional due process and protecting the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Texans,” Landgraf added.

Monahans Artist Paints Ornament for Capitol Christmas Tree

AUSTIN — This Christmas, an ornament that highlights Monahans hangs on the Texas-grown Christmas tree in the State Capitol building. Robert Peña of Monahans designed and created the ornament, which captures the beauty of the sun setting in the West Texas sky behind silhouettes of pumpjacks and windmills.

"I am proud to have such a beautiful ornament to pay tribute to Monahans and the rest of House District 81 at the Capitol this Christmas," State Representative Brooks Landgraf said. "Mr. Peña works in the oilfield, but he has obviously still found time to become a fine artist, providing another example of a hard-working West Texan with many talents."

Rep. Landgraf & artist Robert Peña. Rep. Landgraf & wife, Shelby Landgraf.

The ornament will hang proudly on the 25-foot native Texas Christmas tree in the Texas House Chamber through the end of December.

Landgraf Joins Texas Tribune’s Odessa Event Discussing Oil’s Impact on Texas

ODESSA — State Representative Brooks Landgraf (R-Odessa) will be a panelist at an event hosted by The Texas Tribune to discuss Texas' oil and gas sector. The panel, titled BOOM: A Conversation About How the Oil and Gas Sector Impacts Texas, is scheduled to take place from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM on Tuesday, December 10 in the Saulsbury Campus Center at Odessa College.

"I'm thrilled to have an opportunity to shine a light on how the entire state benefits from the hard work of West Texans," Landgraf said. "It's important for all Texans to understand the blessings and challenges that come with being one of the planet's largest producers of oil and natural gas."

The panel will be moderated by Ross Ramsey, executive editor of The Texas Tribune, a nonpartisan, nonprofit media organization that informs Texans about public policy, politics, government, and statewide issues. Tracee Bentley, president and CEO of the Permian Strategic Partnership, is among the panelists joining Rep. Landgraf.

"I encourage everyone in the Permian Basin to register to attend this event," Landgraf continued. "There’s no charge for admission, and lunch will be provided."

For additional information, or to register for the event free of charge, visit:

Landgraf Announces Odessa Meeting for Mass-Violence Prevention Panel

ODESSA — State Representative Brooks Landgraf (R-Odessa) encourages Odessans to take part in the upcoming hearing of the House Select Committee on Mass Violence Prevention and Community Safety, set to take place in Odessa on November 7, 2019. 

The House Select Committee on Mass Violence Prevention and Community Safety hearing will be conducted in the Joe Zant Community Room at Odessa College beginning at 9:00 AM on Thursday, November 7, 2019. The public is invited to attend and provide testimony regarding the impact of the mass shooting that occurred in Odessa on August 31, 2019.

"I'm calling on Odessans to once again show up and make your voices heard," Landgraf said. "This is your opportunity to speak directly to elected officials from across the state to share your thoughts and concerns about solutions to prevent acts of mass violence in Texas without having to make the six-hour drive to Austin."

"I want to thank Chairman Darby, a fellow West Texan, for choosing to hold a hearing in Odessa," Landgraf continued. "This is a necessary step as our community continues to heal in the aftermath of the August 31 attack. In addition to myself and Chairman Darby, there are eleven other members of the committee who will be there to listen to everyone who wants to testify."

Landgraf No Longer Supports Bonnen as House Speaker

ODESSA — State Representative Brooks Landgraf (R-Odessa) announced today that he no longer supports Speaker Dennis Bonnen (R-Angleton).

"Texans deserve honesty and transparency from their elected officials, from city council to governor," Landgraf said. "It is with this high standard in mind that I officially withdraw my support for Speaker Bonnen. I cannot in good conscience continue to support him as speaker of the Texas House when it is clear that he lied to the members of this body and the people of Texas. Many of his words and actions during the months since the successful legislative session do not reflect the values of the West Texans I serve."