Landgraf Welcomes Plans for $1 Billion in Energy Sector Road Funding

AUSTIN — The Texas Transportation Commissioners, led by Chairman Bruce Bugg, announced its draft plan to spend $1 billion in energy sector funding over the next 10 years.

"This is an awesome blessing to our region, which desperately needs the state to continue its recent investment in our transportation infrastructure as part of Governor Greg Abbott and Commissioner Bruce Bugg's 'Permian Promise,'" Landgraf said. "It's only fair, given that the state highway fund just received its largest ever deposit of oil and gas production tax revenue, a total of $3.64 billion. I'm thankful our state leaders understand the value that the Permian Basin brings to the Great State of Texas."

Every year, the Texas Transportation Commission updates and approves the Unified Transportation Program (UTP). The UTP is TxDOT’s 10-year plan that guides the development of transportation projects across the state. The plan includes funding to continue the complete rebuild of I-20, build and improve intersections on Loop 338, and widen US 385 and SH 302.

"I’m not shy about fighting for infrastructure funds for my district," Landgraf continued. "Before I was elected, our region only received about $50 million dollars per year from TxDOT. Since I was appointed to the House Transportation Committee in 2019, that number has jumped to $360 million per year. After working with the commissioners over the last several years, I took the opportunity to speak to the Texas Transportation Commission today to thank them for making the Permian Basin a priority and continue advocating for the resources that our region desperately needs. I'm hopeful that the draft plan will become a reality, and will work hard in the coming months to see that it is adopted by the Transportation Commission in August."

Landgraf and the other members of the Texas legislature convened at the Texas Capitol building for the 88th Texas Legislative Session on January 10, 2023. Members of the Texas House and Texas Senate meet for a 140-day regular session beginning the second Tuesday in January every odd-numbered year to vote on legislation and pass a balanced state budget.