Landgraf Recognized as a Courageous Conservative

ODESSA — The Texas Conservative Coalition is recognizing State Representative Brooks Landgraf (R-Odessa) for his leadership during the 87th Legislative Session and subsequent special sessions. 

The Texas Conservative Coalition is known as the “Conservative Caucus” of the Texas Legislature. Following each session, TCC recognizes Courageous Conservatives based on record votes taken during the session that adhere to the caucus’s principles of limited government, individual liberty, free enterprise, and traditional values. 

“Chairman Landgraf has one of the most conservative voting records in the Texas Legislature and is a steady, unwavering conservative voice in the Texas House of Representatives,” said State Representative James Frank (R- Wichita Falls) who chairs the Caucus, “Throughout the 87th Session and Special Sessions, Landgraf cut taxes, protected the unborn, defended the Second Amendment, prioritized securing our border, and stood strong in  Texas’ fight to protect Texans from the Biden administration’s vaccine mandates.”

“I’m 100% opposed to governments mandating COVID-19 vaccinations, and I believe that free people should be able to make the choice for themselves and their families,” Landgraf said. “That is why I have done everything within my constitutional authority as a state representative to fight back against the Biden administration’s unconstitutional COVID-19 vaccine mandates.”

Landgraf, coauthored House Bill 168 during the most recent session of the Texas Legislature to protect Texans from being forced to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine. 

In addition to his leadership as a lawmaker, Landgraf has signed multiple briefs to the U.S. Court of Appeals opposing the Biden administration’s vaccine mandates, including one that was spearheaded by the Texas Conservative Coalition. 

The State of Texas, through the Texas Attorney General, has challenged each federal COVID-19 mandate in court. Governor Greg Abbott, through executive order, has forbidden Texas government entities and businesses from forcing vaccine mandates on Texans. 

“I have supported and will continue to support the state’s successful legal challenges to vaccine mandates as the courts are the last venue available for this fight to play out absent a change in federal law,” Landgraf continued. “Like many Texans, I’m fed up with government overreach into our daily lives,” Landgraf said. “The Biden Administration has abandoned the limited government principles laid out in our Constitution.”

“If the governor exercises his constitutional prerogative—which only the governor has—to call a special session to further ban government mandates of the COVID-19 vaccine, I will proudly be there to again support that bill and vote for it,” Landgraf added.