Landgraf accepts pro-life award from Texas Alliance for Life

Rep._Landgraf_receives_Courageous_Defender_of_Life_Award.jpgState Representative Brooks Landgraf was presented with the “Courageous Defense of Life Award” by the Texas Alliance for Life Wednesday for his work in passing pro-life legislation, including the “Down Syndrome Information Act.”

The Texas Alliance for Life noted in announcing the award “It is uncommon for a freshman member of the Legislature to take a leadership role in such controversial legislation, but that is exactly what Rep. Brooks Landgraf did. Rep. Landgraf successfully authored an amendment to HB 3374, the Down Syndrome Information Act, which ensures that state-prepared information for parents receiving a Down syndrome diagnosis does not promote or even mention abortion as an option.”

Rep._Landgraf_holds_brochure_given_to_expectant_parents.jpgAfter earning the award, Rep. Landgraf stated “This is an issue very near and dear to my heart. My aunt Phyllis was diagnosed withDown syndrome, and she has brought an overwhelming amount of joy to my family over the course of her lifetime. Children bring countless blessings into our lives, and it is important for parents to have information about all of the helpful resources available to them. This measure has saved lives, and I'm proud of it.”

The Down Syndrome Information Act took effect in September of 2015. It mandates the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) produce current, evidence-based information regarding Down syndrome. It also requires medical providers to distribute this information to expectant parents when a prenatal test indicates a probability of a Down syndrome diagnosis, or when their child is diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth. Since this information has been made public, it has been downloaded hundreds of times from the DSHS website, potentially saving precious lives.